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想赢取总额高达$6000 USD 的奖金,在金秋十月免费飞往美国旧金山参加全球著名的Health2.0大会吗?



@启创中国 与“腾讯开放平台”联合全球顶尖的关注医疗保健行业机构Health2.0 




Health 2.0 Codeathon, Shanghai 2012

What is it?
An interactive weekend event that brings together software developers, doctors, designers, and anyone passionate about healthcare to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space.

Who is this for?
Anyone with a passion to improve healthcare services using technology. Expect to meet doctors, nurses, hospital managers, coders, hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals.

Why should you attend?
- Great opportunity to build a diverse team with different expert skill sets to build your healthcare app.
- Opportunity to win our prize - return flight to San Francisco in Oct 2012 to attend the Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference.
- Perfect networking opportunity with innovative healthcare minds.
-  Inspiring and fun weekend where you'll learn lots of skills.

When & Where?
- 18-19th August @ IC cafe in Pudong, Shanghai

How much?
50RMB registration fee online


Health datasets and previous winners: 

For more detailed information, please see the attached pdf.